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1、Prelubricated with special grease.

2、No maintenance required.

3、Easy installation and handling.

①Inner race ②Outer race ③Cam ④Spring ⑤Shield Bearing ⑥Side plate ⑦Snap ring


1) Tmax = 2 × TKN

2) Inner race overruns.

3) Outer race overruns.

Keyway to DIN 6885.1

Recommend tolerances are in the table below

Mounting Example

Installation and Usage

1、Sprag type freewheel WMZ is the same construction as MZ, it shielded b shield beaings on both ends, packed with a special grease, and ready for use. No additional lubricant is required.

2、For attaching pulleys, gears or sprockets to the clutches, insert hubs along the inner surface of the outer race and screw the bolts (high tension) into the tapped

holes on the clutch end.

3、Recommended shaft tolerances are shown in the table on the lower left.

4、External thrust load should be supported by other devices, not by the Cam Clutch.

5、Use only a parallel key to secure the clutch to the shaft. Do not use a tapered key.

6、For vertical mounting, please consult Ding Hao Precision machine.

7、Ambient temperature range is -5℃ to +40℃.

8、Key to be used should be in accordance with ISO R773.

9、Use 2 # lithium grease 30% + Engine oil 70%, Stirring evenly. The grease required temperature range -40 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃. Plus grease once for every month.

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