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Types FSO, FSO-GR are sprag type freewheels self-contained, sealed and bearing supported, using two ball bearings. Units are delivered oil or grease lubricated according to the type. It is a Formsprag USA design with a »full sprag complement« that gives a very high torque for a given diameter. Any overload is resisted by a sprag to sprag abutment, avoiding a sprag tilt over. Types FSO and HPI are oil lubricated and use standard shaft lip seals. Type FSO-GR is grease lubricated and can be equipped with contact free labyrinth seals. Type HPI is specially designed for high speed indexing applications.

1) Tmax = 2 × TKN

2) Inner race/outer raceg

3) Inner race/outer race labyrinth seal  Keyway to DIN 6885.1

5) The dimension L includes up to size 50 the each 0.25 mm thick paper seals to be located on both faces

Mounting Example


1.Before installation, check whether the steering of shaft are same with the Inner ring backstop rotation,Otherwise it will lead to serious accidents.

2.When installing the backstop, only to put pressure on the inner race, when using a hammer, only soft hammer are available,hammering the outer ring or cover or inner race heating is prohibited.

Using Notice

1.Installed Backstop anti-rotation cap can not bear the load pin axis direction,so this needs subject to the installation gap of 3-5 mm,Otherwise it will result backstop temperature rises drastically affect use.

2.Ambient temperature -20 ℃ - + 60 ℃

3.BackStop should be opened after working for a year to clean and inspect parts for wear, if have any defects should be replaced immediately,otherwise refueling along wear and continue using.

4.The grease required temperature range -40 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃.

5.Periodically check anti-rotation bearing mounting bolt fastening.

6.This installation instructions must handed operation to last users.

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