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Type AV is a roller type freewheel. It is self-contained,centered by plain bearings for low rotational speeds, and sealed using shield protected metallic labyrinth seals Unit is delivered grease lubricated, ready to install in a horizontal or vertical position. Primarily used as a backstop, the torque capacity is high for a minimum space requirement. This design is suitable for use in difficult environments. A bolt, secured to a fixed part of the machine and passing through the slot in the torque arm, provides the rotational stop. Radial clearance on this bolt should be equal to 1–3 % of the slot width. The torque arm and the bearings must not be prestressed. The roller design makes the AV type ideal for light indexing applications.


1) Tmax = 2 × TKN

Keyway to DIN 6885.1

*) 2 Keyways 120° offset

Mounting Example

Using Notice

1.Installed Backstop anti-rotation cap can not bear the load pin axis direction,so this needs subject to the installation gap of 3-5 mm,Otherwise it will result backstop temperature rises drastically affect use.

2.Ambient temperature -20 ℃ - + 60 ℃

3.BackStop should be opened after working for a year to clean and inspect parts for wear, if have any defects should be replaced immediately,otherwise refueling along wear and continue using.

4.The grease required temperature range -40 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃.

5.Periodically check anti-rotation bearing mounting bolt fastening.

6.This installation instructions must handed operation to last users.

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