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1、Type WFK is a sprag type freewheel, it’s construction is same as GFK, integrated into a 59 series ball bearing.

2、This design provides high toque capacity for minimal outside diameter.

3、It is bearing supported type, delivered grease lubricated.

4、Oil bath lubrication is also possible if the original grease is first removed by flushing the freewheel with a suitable solvent.

5、Whatever the lubrication type, seals should be provided, as illustrated on the next page.

6、Torque transmission must be ensured by a press fit assembly into a rigid outer housing with R6 tolerance and onto a shaft with P5 tolerance.

7、Initial radial clearance has been provided to take into account this heavy press fit.

8、Operating temperature range:-40℃to +100℃. Peaks up to +120℃ are acceptable for short periods. Please contact us for higher temperatures.



2)Inner race overruns

3)Outer race overruns

Mounting Example

Using Notice

Use bearing grease injected into the raceway,and grease level according to bearing. Standard (GB/T 271-1997). The grease required temperature range -40 ℃~+ 130 ℃.

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