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Type WKA is abasic type freewheel.Bearings are required to supported axial and radial loads, locked dependable and running mobility,overrunning speeds between 800-2500r/min,31.5-4500N.m torque,and often used for package machine,printing machine, food machine,medical machine, bucket, spinning and conveyor, weaving machine etc. .

Mounting Example


Standard installation of WKA is put the clutch with the bearing side by side,with same position,with the same tolerances.Use splined to couple the inner ring and shaft coupling.The outer sides of the end face of the key for securing the outer wall With the machine to transmit torque.

Using Notice

Use 2 # lithium grease 30% + Engine oil 70% , Stirring evenly. The grease required temperature range -40 ℃ ~+ 150 ℃. Plus grease once for every month.

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