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Type NYD is a suitable low-speed contact type anti-reversing device.with the advantages of Light weight, compact, reliable backstop,release easily, easy to install, adaptable etc.Enhance the safety device on the preferred transport equipment,it is Suitable for lifting belt conveyors, bucket elevator, scraper onveyor etc.


1.Hole tolerance is H7 (GB / T1800.4-1999), recommended shaft tolerance h6, with a tolerance of H7 / h6, keyway is JS9 of GB / T1095-1979 and 7-9 grade standard of GB / T1184-1996.

2.Please mark the aperture, dimensional tolerances on the purchase order, otherwise the standard machining tolerances H7.

3.Please choose aperture priority:50、55 、60 、65 、70 、75 、80 、85 、90 、95 、100 、110 120 、130.

4."NJ" for the Chemical Industry Press "Mechanical Design Handbook" fourth edition models.

Mounting Example

Using Notice

Use 2 # lithium grease 30% + Engine oil 70% , Stirring evenly. The grease required temperature range -40 ℃ ~+ 150 ℃. Plus grease once for every month.

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