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Type RSCI is a centrifugal lift off sprag type freewheel with the inner race rotating. Only the inner race is designed for freewheeling. It is a non self- supported type. Bearings must be provided to ensure concentricity of the inner and outer races and support axial and radial loads, as shown overleaf. Concentricity and run-out limits must be observed. The RSCI type accepts all types of lubricant  currently  used  in  power  transmission equipment. It is possible to mount these freewheels directly in gearboxes without separate lubrication. An oil mist is generally sufficient. Grease lubrication may be acceptable if the unit works mostly in overrunning condition, as on E-motors. When used as a backstop, it must be checked that the overrunning speed will not go below the minimum speed given in the caracteristics table.

1) Tmax = 2 × TKN

2) This maximum allowable torque transmission speed nmax must not be exceeded when transmitting torque

3) This minimum allowable overrunning speed niimin should not be reduced under continuous operation. Possible reduction of this minimum speed on request

4) Inner race overruns Keyway to DIN 6885.1

5) Tolerance +1

Mounting Example


Integrated Freewheels RSCI are without bearing support. Concentric alignment of inner and outer ring must be provided by the customer.The permissible run out (T.I.R.) must be observed. The Integrated Freewheel RSCI is centered via the outer track F on the customer attachment part and bolted to this. The tolerance of the pilot diameter of the attachment part must be ISO h6 or h7. The tolerance of the shaft must be ISO h6 or j6. For fitting to shaft ends, end covers can be suppliedupon request.

Using notice

Use 2 # lithium grease 30% + Engine oil 70% ,Stirring evenly. The grease required temperature range -40 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃. Plus grease once for every month.

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