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Integrated Freewheels FXM are sprag free-wheels without bearing support and with sprag lift off X. The sprag lift-off X ensures a wear-free freewheeling operation when the inner ring rotates at high speed.Nominal torques up to 1 230 000 Nm.Bores up to 560 mm. A multitude of standard-ized bore diameters are available with short delivery times.

Keyway according to DIN 6885, page 1 • Tolerance of keyway width JS10.

* Keyway according to DIN 6885, page 3 • Tolerance of keyway width JS10.

Mounting Example


Integrated Freewheels FXM are without bearing support. Concentric alignment of inner and outer ring must be provided by the customer.The permissible run out (T.I.R.) must be observed. The Integrated Freewheel FXM is centered via the outer track F on the customer attachment part and bolted to this (refer to figure 63-1). The tolerance of the pilot diameter of the attachment part must be ISO h6 or h7. The tolerance of the shaft must be ISO h6 or j6. For fitting to shaft ends, end covers can be supplied upon request (refer to figure 63-3). 

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