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Application of One Way Bearing

A one way clutch, also known as a “sprag clutch,” is a type of freewheeling clutch that helps transmissions to transfer torque and shift smoothly between speeds. When this component starts to go bad, problems can range from annoying clicking sounds to complete transmission failure.

A one way clutch can be identified by its resemblance to a roller bearing, but instead uses stationary sprag bearings shaped like the number “8.” The clutch rotates easily in one direction, but binds the moment direction is reversed. Built-in springs soften the clutch’s reaction to the change, keeping the driver from feeling a backlash.

These devices are used extensively in applications that we come across every day. For example, have you ever passed through a turn gate at a train stain or concert venue that locks up if you try to go backwards? If so, then you have felt a one way clutch at work. They are also used in motorcycles, helicopters, and hand tools like screwdrivers. Like CSK one way bearing also can be used in roller washing machine, conveyor, target-shooting machine, textile machine, printing press, scooter, electrombile, electronic toyes, reducer and so on. 

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