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One Way Bearing Lubrication How to Do

During operation process, how to handle exaggeration and the direction of the repair and maintenance of the lubrication is an important link of cannot be ignored.Bearing 

One Way Bearing Oil Soft

Oil bath total direction is the most gentle, soft low, mid to soft. Were immersed in the local correlation, oil soft groove tourism and related parts, and then restart the flow of oil and YouCao dough was slightly lower than the minimum should be the centre of the roll. A drop of oil soft, provide the necessary soft oil drops of oil composition quantitatively, guide the eight every 3 seconds, a drop of oil quantity is too much, hope to the bearing temperature increased.

The soft oil circulation direction

Correlation with the pump oil is BaoSong until parts, through the correlation of oil cooling after soft filter. Because I can't put the hot oil circulation method, cooling and direction at a faster speed component relevance in practice.

Bearing the spray of soft

Boring air shrinkage and soft oil oil after radiation fog, chaotic flow direction, can effectively avoid impurities and cooling in the direction of the invasion. For many components, low soft direction at a high speed.

Radiation soft bearing

Oil pump pressure is low, and the other end of the shooting direction guiding significance, drain holes into YouCao inflows. In tourism, aircraft maintenance guidance for rolling, and the proportion of the high speed rotating airflow, the surrounding is very difficult, in oil soft, soft direction when a necessary radiation with the well-known low oil soft position, shall guide nozzle aircraft maintenance between inner ring and the central.

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