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How to Prevent One Way Bearing Rust and Corrosion?

1.    Try to use solvent-free paint.

2.    If it is possible, you can use an impregnated varnish without oxide such as epoxy-urethane or epoxy impregnated paint.

3.    Before using melamine alkyd varnish, you should adjust the curing temperature and curing time. The curing temperature higher than 130 degree centigrade and curing time is more than 180min. Process must be strictly implemented, especially in high temperature and wet season.

4.    Using paint with no volatile acid.

How to prevent One Way Bearing Rust anad Corrosion

5.    Choosing paint that is resistant to hydrolysis.

6.    Choosing mineral oil grease as far as possible.

7.    In order to avoid water vapor and dust in the air into the one way bearing to cause noise and corrosion, grease container should be sealed.

8.    Choosing plastic film package with micro-hole to make the motor breathable before using. One way bearing was sealed with plastic film, the paint will remain in the bearing clutch and the moisture will be exposed. This situation should be avoided.

9.     The grease may deteriorate under the influence of the high temperature when the motor cover spray power or paint is cured.

10.  In order to solve the problem of corrosion, it is possible to discuss with motor manufacturers, bearing manufacturers and paint manufacturers to find out the best way.

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