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Different Between Overrunning Clutch and One Way Bearing

Overrunning clutch is different from the one way bearing. Of course, some aspects still are similar or not similar in some aspects of one way bearing. What is overrunning clutch?

Overrunning clutch is a basic and derived  component with the development of the electromechanical integration products. Its performance is a little similar to one way bearing, which is used for power transmission and separation of function between prime mover and working machine or driving shaft and auxiliary of internal machine.

overrunning clutch

Overrunning clutch is mainly used to change the speed between the active part and the moving part or the rotation direction, so it has the automatic clutch function.

Overrunning clutch is like a one way clutch which is divided into some types, and it is mainly divided into sprag type freewheel, ball bearing and ratchet overrunning clutch. There different series of overrunning clutch are also have many characteristics and advantages. 

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