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How a One Way Clutch Works in Automotive Transmissions

How a One Way Clutch Works in Automotive Transmissions[]


A One Way Clutch helps to ensure smooth gear shifting by preventing the upcoming gear from rotating faster than the one currently in use.  Torque flows from the clutch into the transmission, keeping it in freewheeling mode until the moment it shifts gears. At that point the clutch locks in place to allow the transfer to occur smoothly.Said another way, a one way clutch is a “torque gate” that allows torque to flow in one direction but not another. A typical example is the Koyo? series of sprag clutches. These units break down into several components. While you’ll find some variation among manufacturers, the typical one way clutch you encounter in the shop will have these parts:The inner and outer rings, which hold the various parts of the sprag clutch in place.The sprags, which join the inner and outer rings together when transferring torque.The cage, a heat-treated carbon steel plate that spreads the sprags across the unit to ensure that torque is spread evenly across the unit.The spring, which ensures the sprags engage both inner and outer rings evenly.The end bearing, which keeps the inner and outer rings centered throughout the process.The drag clip, which holds the cage against the outer ring. This synchronizes the cage and outer ring so that the sprags engage smoothly.Diagnosing One Way Clutch ProblemsWhen these clutches fist begin to fail, a common sign is a clicking sound from the transmission. If left alone, this will progress to complete loss of forward speeds. Here’s a real life example of how sprag clutch problems affect daily driving:A 1984 Chevy half-ton truck with a four speed automatic transmission develops problems while traveling at highway speeds. The engine revs very high, but the vehicle slows down when the driver tries to accelerate. After coming to a complete stop, the vehicle will once again start off, but it continues to experience the same issues.Examination by a transmission tech reveals that the sprag clutch is worn. It will no longer lock down, thus torque is not transferred into the upcoming gears. Replacement of the defective unit solves the problem and the vehicle’s owner goes on his way.To sum up: one way clutches perform a valuable role in automatic transmissions.  When they fail, the results can be severe.  But, with proper troubleshooting and service, these problems can be resolved.

Application of One Way Bearing

Application of One Way Bearing[]


A one way clutch, also known as a “sprag clutch,” is a type of freewheeling clutch that helps transmissions to transfer torque and shift smoothly between speeds. When this component starts to go bad, problems can range from annoying clicking sounds to complete transmission failure.A one way clutch can be identified by its resemblance to a roller bearing, but instead uses stationary sprag bearings shaped like the number “8.” The clutch rotates easily in one direction, but binds the moment direction is reversed. Built-in springs soften the clutch’s reaction to the change, keeping the driver from feeling a backlash.These devices are used extensively in applications that we come across every day. For example, have you ever passed through a turn gate at a train stain or concert venue that locks up if you try to go backwards? If so, then you have felt a one way clutch at work. They are also used in motorcycles, helicopters, and hand tools like screwdrivers. Like CSK one way bearing also can be used in roller washing machine, conveyor, target-shooting machine, textile machine, printing press, scooter, electrombile, electronic toyes, reducer and so on. 

How to Clean One Way Bearing Clutch?

How to Clean One Way Bearing Clutch?[]


When one way bearings are inspected, the appearance of the bearings should first be recorded and the amount and condition of the residual lubricant should be checked. After the lubricant has been sampled for examination, the bearings should be cleaned. In general, light oil or kerosene may be used as a cleaning solution.Dismounted bearings should first be given a preliminary cleaning followed by a finishing rinse. Each bath should be provided with a metal net to support one way bearings in the oil without touching the sides or bottom of the tank. If one way bearings are rotated with foreign matter in them during preliminary cleaning, the raceways may be damaged. The lubricant and other deposits should be removed in the oil bath during the initial rough cleaning with a brush or other means.After the bearing is relatively clean, it is given the finishing rinse. The finishing rinse should be done carefully with the bearing being rotated while immersed in the rinsing oil. It is necessary to always keep the rinsing oil clean.

One Way Bearing Lubrication How to Do

One Way Bearing Lubrication How to Do[]


During operation process, how to handle exaggeration and the direction of the repair and maintenance of the lubrication is an important link of cannot be ignored.Bearing One Way Bearing Oil SoftOil bath total direction is the most gentle, soft low, mid to soft. Were immersed in the local correlation, oil soft groove tourism and related parts, and then restart the flow of oil and YouCao dough was slightly lower than the minimum should be the centre of the roll. A drop of oil soft, provide the necessary soft oil drops of oil composition quantitatively, guide the eight every 3 seconds, a drop of oil quantity is too much, hope to the bearing temperature increased.The soft oil circulation directionCorrelation with the pump oil is BaoSong until parts, through the correlation of oil cooling after soft filter. Because I can't put the hot oil circulation method, cooling and direction at a faster speed component relevance in practice.Bearing the spray of softBoring air shrinkage and soft oil oil after radiation fog, chaotic flow direction, can effectively avoid impurities and cooling in the direction of the invasion. For many components, low soft direction at a high speed.Radiation soft bearingOil pump pressure is low, and the other end of the shooting direction guiding significance, drain holes into YouCao inflows. In tourism, aircraft maintenance guidance for rolling, and the proportion of the high speed rotating airflow, the surrounding is very difficult, in oil soft, soft direction when a necessary radiation with the well-known low oil soft position, shall guide nozzle aircraft maintenance between inner ring and the central.

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